healing pendants

healing pendants have become my absolute favorite thing to create. it is a custom and extremely personal piece that is made to actually help someone everyday. we pick the right crystals that concentrate on specific ailments to strengthen the areas they want to focus on. the stimulating and healing effects of crystals and gemstones have been known for thousands of years. each stone has its own unique characteristics that release specific energies in the body and mind.

this pendant was made for my amazing friend kelsey... this girl, let me tell you, has been through a shit load of physical trauma due to a bone defect she was born with. many people do not even know the daily struggles she goes through because she is not one to wear this on her sleeve. she is one tough cookie. she picked out beautiful pieces of amber and malachite that specified in the areas she wants the most concentration in. here is the finished pendant mixed with other sodalite stones, shell and wood beads. hope this energy brings some relief to the areas needed. please contact me at ashesandcole@yahoo.com to create your own healing pendant or one for someone you know.