Some how the stars aligned, and a new chapter has opened. I started taking silver-smithing classes, my forever dream, and in the midst gained an apprenticeship. He is teaching me all he knows and I couldn't be more ecstatic. It feels so good to learn and go through all the trials and errors.. melting, soldering, sawing, too big, too small, start over, start over, and learn how to make it work. It has opened a whole new world. I don't want to rush the process, so hold tight for more to come. In the meanwhile, check out the beautiful pieces of Master Silversmith Levent Oz. (and the website I am tirelessly helping him with)

VA inspired

took a little weekend trip to Richmond, VA and was immediately inspired by their brick streets, vibrant murals, and picturesque landscapes. I bought these charms awhile ago and finally bit the bullet and put them to use. 

engagement ring

the trust people have given me, without meeting, to create such sentimental pieces never ceases to amaze me. i am so grateful for you, reaching out and involving me in your life to mark both the most blissful and horrendous of events. i appreciate your risk in seeking the non-traditional and willingness to share your story with me. this is what it is all about. 

below is a custom engagement ring of turquoise and serendibite, along with a matching mini ring for their daughter.. so precious. 

slabs for the shops

every time i step foot into the store to restock on gems, i come out with yet another bag of these slices of raw beauty. they are each so unique, a different swirling of colors in its own shape and form. they have edges, roughness, and an unavoidable presence.  i dig, and i am so hoping you feel the same. these pieces can be found at either paperdoll or the joslyn:)

earrings @ the joslyn

$25 each | sterling silver hooks

spring 2014 collection

clay has opened a whole new world to me. i am able to make my own beads and settings in any shape i choose. i recently returned from thailand and i can't help but notice i gained some inspiration from my trip. the eclectic beaches and intricate temples left an everlasting impression in my mind.